How to Play Pokergalaxy by Guessing Opposing Cards – Knowing and evaluating cards from your opponent is one of the advantages that is very beneficial if you are proficient in the technique. The technique cannot be learned simply because besides we have to read the patterns and habits of the players, we also need to be able to hide our own playing patterns so that we can win big wins when we get high cards.

Guessing cards is not an easy matter if you play beside a reliable gambler. Not yet guessed, even your own card that is known by the opponent. It’s over if this happens, and you will soon be out of the game.

To avoid this kind of thing, avoid the type of player who has this extraordinary ability. Switch to another table, and adjust according to the original plan to find out the shortcomings of the opposing players. Well, here’s how you know a little more about your opponent.

Based on the experience of the author while playing at the Pokergalaxy Agent, the following conclusions we get when we see the habits of players who get high cards:

1. Characteristics Players who get a high card at the start of a card if the beginner usually always raises the value of the bet. For other players who both get a high card at the beginning will follow the ato or raise the bet. The percentage for players who follow a bet increase according to the author of the article is as follows:

– 40% have high cards

– 30% have one high card

– 20% have a combination card (Two Pair / Same Interest)

– 10% don’t have a card (make a fortune)

2. Characteristics of professional hunting players. You must know that professional players have the habit of moving from one room to another. If the player calls or raises you should be careful and backward if you don’t get a good card.

3. Characteristics of players seeking pure victory. If you meet a player who has a habit that often folds and only calls and raises when getting a high card, then the match you face is a game of luck and patience. Players like this will not make a raise or call if you get a card win percentage below 50%. The average player will only take part in the game after knowing 3 cards are shared on the table to be combined.

4. Characteristics of players who get a small card.

The average professional gambler will fold if they get a small type of card. but this is not absolute because sometimes if it is against a player who is pursuing a pure victory, a professional player will do a bully to get the initial money at the table.

For amateur gamblers, usually always make calls and raises quickly with classic reasons, namely changing the cards they hold in the next round (sort of paying a offer to get a good card).

Based on the conclusions above, it can be seen that the core of the game of Pokergalaxy is how to read the opponent’s game patterns and make the opponent not easy to read our game. Emotional also affects this. If you know how to play your opponent unconsciously you can estimate your own percentage of victory.